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Can locum tenens work part time?


Yes and yes. Almost half of locums physicians only work part time. In fact, it’s the most popular reason why physicians choose to work locum tenens. It’s a fast and easy way to earn extra cash to pay off student loans and other debt, or to put toward your savings and other financial goals.

What to consider with part-time locum tenens work ?

The flexibility and freedom that part-time work offers can be quite appealing, but can come with caveats. Being a locum tenens is a lifestyle suited with flexibility and change, but it may not be for everyone. Next time you consider going part time, check out the full list of considerations.

When Does the Locum Tenens Clock Start? You cannot bill under the locum tenens rule indefinitely or use it to fill long term staffing voids due to a retirement, death, or other permanent departure of a physician from the practice. If the regular physician is not returning, you cannot use multiple locum tenens physicians to extend the 60-day period.

What is Locum Tenens? As locum tenens, you choose the number of hours you work which can allow you to work part time or on an as needed basis. The Pitfalls. Lack of Benefits: Working as a locum tenens doctor will typically mean that you are an independent contractor. Taxes are not withheld so you will need to set aside part of your salary come April.

What is Locum Tenens and How Does It Work?

Locum tenens jobs will have a set ending date, but traditionally come with more benefits than per diem work. While per diem contracts can extend indefinitely, they are used for part-time employees or employers with fewer permanent staff positions.

How long are locum tenens assignments? Locum Seriate Assignments. A locum seriate placement is consistent and long-term. A provider can work a part-time or full-time schedule on a continual basis for as many days and/or weeks as they prefer. Locum Permanent Assignments. A locum permanent placement is a full-time, ongoing role as an employee of a healthcare facility or practice.

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