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Can you change faction?


You can change your Faction by going to Menu > Profile > Change Faction. On consoles, you can change it by visiting the Faction section of the main menu and selecting "Change Faction". Note that changing factions may impact your leaderboard placement and rewards .

How can you Change Factions?

As others have said, its not possible to switch factions, however if you only want to see content from the other factions, if you hang on with your current one until 50 and beat the main storyline quest you will be put into one of the other factions.

Is there a way to change faction? No, you can't change a character's faction once they are created, however, you can still play Battlegrounds with your friend as it's not alliance based. oh so only the cyrodiil map is alliance based? nice thanks alot for the answer :) #2

Can you change your faction? You can change your faction. If you do, you'll not receive any rewards for the current round. If you change your faction after the first round is over, you lose out on the rewards for the season.

Can i change factions?

For factional warfare I believe you can IF you have neutral/below (above?) -2.0 standing with whatever faction you want to join. This is based off of 0 experience or research. level 2 wclancy09

Can you switch factions after you enter the institute ? There's a "point of no return" for each faction. The game will give you a pop-up saying "doing X will result in you becoming enemies with Y faction." If you want to end the game with the

How to change faction? @Sheriff_K I believe faction numbers go up and down by the amount of players who are currently online. That's what someone said the other day at least. Meaning you could try to change faction during the early morning hours.

Is it possible to undo a faction change?

Out of curiosity, could it be that difficult to reverse a faction change? We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell. Reply With Quote. 2011-05-17, 11:06 PM #8. Daetur. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads

Can't Change Faction? Update: I found a temporary solution If you swap to French (and presumably German, I only tested French) the typing confirmation glitch isn't there, so update your game with one of those languages, swap faction, then change your game back to English.

Should you change factions? You are literally only playing the faction bc they are powerful. This can get you wins in the shirt run. However, these factions usually get nerfed and the meta usually adjusts to the best faction. The final reason why I faction hop…. I get bored. I cannot enjoy playing the same faction

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