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Does axe body spray affect fertility?


But just recently, more has been discovered about how the chemicals, like phthalates, in fragrances could potentially affect men and their own fertility. You heard me right. Axe Body Spray may make you feel manly, but in reality, it’s potentially robbing you of your manhood. And I wish I was joking.

Does the 'Axe-effect' Really Work on Women?

So, while the Axe-effect is merely talk in the air, a more solid, robust well thought of plan to impress that girl you like and sweep her off her feet will do much better, as will a nice diamond ring.

How Axe Found Its (Marketing) Magic? For any male who went to high school in the 2000s, Axe body spray was an inescapable part of life. Every boys locker room in the country reeked of Axe, and the guys who used the deodorant seemed to care less about masking odor than making sure everyone in school knew they used the product. Axe wasn’t about deodorant; it was about dominance.

Why do they put "propane" in AXE body spray? Because the propane works as a propeller for the aerosol making it go up the can and out to the air/skin. When its out of deodorant try spraying the "air" in the can and smell it.

How Axe Built A Highly Scientific, Totally Irresistible ?

Axe launched in France in 1983, and by the time it came to America in 2002, its only product was still a body spray–the bastard child of deodorant and cologne, worked out in Axe’s first

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This Chemical Can Impair Fertility, but It’s Hard to Avoid ? Hormone-disrupting phthalates can be found in everything from plastics and household goods to personal care products. Studies have shown they …

Does Body Spray Make You Irresistible to Women?

Axe, Old Spice turn up the heat marketing body sprays and washes to young men. Video. Live. Next, and this is the most important step, he liberally sprays on Axe body spray (he alternates

Why Do Axe and Other Men's Body Washes Smell That Way ? A scent relies on a perfumer expertly mixing 75 to 200 ingredients, most of them synthetic. In a women’s fragrance, there’s a large middle section filled with floral and fruity notes, and a

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