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Does etihad airways provide free hotel during stopover?


For tickets issued until March 1, 2020, Etihad Airways offers 2 free nights as part of their stopover program. Travel has to be done between now and July 31, 2020. As if that wasn't enough, you even get 2 free hotel nights if you fly economy class with Etihad.

Does Etihad Airways provide Free hotel during Stopover?

I was able to get a FREE hotel in 2010. I went to Etihad counter in Abu Dhabi and told them i am tired after flying 14 hours from Chicago and would appreciate if Etihad can provide room for 15-16 hours transit.

List of airlines that offer free transit hotel? Etihad Airways (EY) For passengers flying premium cabins with a stopover in Abu Dhabi – EY offers one free night accommodation to Business Class guests, two free nights accommodation to First Class guests and two nights at the Emirates Palace to guests flying The Residence.

Does EY have free hotel during long transit? Etihad Airways

How to blag a FREE hotel from your airline on a long-haul ?

If your stopover's long enough, it could even be a chance to see a city you've never seen before. Make sure you meet the criteria. As the list above shows, this varies between airlines – some offer all passengers with stopovers of a certain length a free hotel, in other cases only some will be eligible. Do your research on visas.

What if I have a transit time of ? *Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Stopover for the Purpose of Connection (STPC) is currently suspended, please refer to travel and entry requirements for more information. Please note: STPC transit hotel accommodation is a different service from the Qatar Airways Holidays Stopover program.

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