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Does fha require the 1004mc?


HUD/FHA and VA still require use of the 1004MC, although they could remove this requirement at any time. Some individual lenders may still require the use of the 1004MC, even though Fannie Mae might not.

Appraisers Not Required to Fill Form 1004MC, Says Fannie ?

Appraisers will no longer be required to fill Form 1004MC, a market conditions addendum that was removed by Fannie Mae when it released its new …

Appraisal and Property-Related? the right side of the appraiser certification, he/she is not required to also physically inspect the subject property or comparables. See Selling Guide section B4-1.1-3, Appraiser Selection Criteria (01/31/2017) for additional requirements. Q8. Why does Fannie Mae require the lender to provide the sales contract to the appraiser?

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