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Does florida or tennessee have higher elevations?


Tennessee has the higher mean elevation of the two states. The mean elevation in Florida is 100 feet above sea level. In Tennessee the mean elevation is 900 feet above sea level.

List of U.S. states and territories by elevation?

All elevations in the table below have been adjusted to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988. The mean elevation for each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico is accurate to the nearest 100 ft (30 m). Mean elevation data is unavailable for the other U.S. territories.

What is the mean elevation of Florida? I believe it’s 100 feet. Although that’s higher than any point in South Florida, the rest of the state is more elevated with trees and fields and lakes. A couple spots in Central Florida and North Florida even have a few small hills just slightly higher than the trees. The highest point …

List of cities in the United States by elevation? This is a list of cities in the United States by elevation.To be included on the list, the city needs an elevation of 3,000 feet (914 m) or higher. In the United States, settlements above 3,000 feet are found primarily on the High Plains, in the Rocky Mountains, and in Western North Carolina, however, many from the aforementioned locations are not presently listed; this list should not be seen

Does High Altitude Make You __?

From periods to poop to puke, high altitude destinations can wreak havoc on your body. Here are the answers to your most embarrassing questions about the impact altitude has on your body, including tips for adjusting to higher altitudes and ways to keep high altitude sickness at bay.

Does Florida have higher elevations than Alaska? Does Florida have higher elevations than Alaska? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2010-04-06 08:26:22. Florida has nothing to compare to the 20,320 foot elevation of

How does atmospheric humidity vary with altitude? The relative humidity (RH) can become greater as you gain altitude (you could meet clouds on the way up), but generally it becomes less as you ascend and most of the water vapour is at lower altitudes. To see how RH generally decreases have a look

Does Alaska have higher elevations than Florida?

Alaska has higher elevations than Florida. Alaska's highest point is 2,320 feet.

Is Florida below sea level? No, the lowest elevation is sea level, while the highest is 345 feet near the state’s northwestern boundary with Alabama. Florida Base and Elevation Maps The elevations of sixteen feet (five meters or less) and thirty-three feet (ten meters or les

Does higher elevation cause swelling of legs, feet, hands ? Does higher elevation cause swelling of legs, feet, hands, etc. I live in southeast Florida (40min nw of Miami) at no more than 20ft above sea level. I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas & Grand Canyon area. 3 days in Vegas which is 2,000ft above sea level followed by 3 days travelling around Grand Canyon at about 5,000ft highest point 7

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