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Does fluting a barrel make it stiffer?


Shooters looking for a lighter weight rifle often resort to fluting the barrel. I've heard some tell me emphatically that fluting a barrel makes it stiffer, and therefore helps accuracy. Others say that a fluted barrel is not, in fact, stiffer and that accuracy may even be hurt.

Does Fluting a Barrel Make It Stiffer?

Does fluting make the barrel stiffer? If you we’re to put a weight in the center of the barrel or hang it on the muzzle end it will flex more than a barrel without flutes with the same contour. So he is saying, no, it does not.

Does Fluting a Barrel Make It Stiffer? Likewise, if a barrel maker has lots of testing and practice fluting barrels, they will make a stiffer barrel than a newb. But neither of them will make it as stiff as a solid barrel. And the average shooter probably won't be able to tell the difference.

Does fluting affect barrel accuracy? One barrel maker insisted that fluting increased a barrel's rigidity or stiffness. He said he had measured how much a solid blank bent down at its muzzle when held horizontally at the breech end. After fluting, the barrel drooped less. That was his proof.

What Effect does a Fluted Barrel Have on a Rifle ?

What Does Fluting A Barrel Do to Stiffness? When you cut flutes into the barrel of your rifle, you will make it less statically stiff than if it was without the flutes. Equally, a barrel with flutes will be statically stiffer than a non-fluted barrel of equal length and weight.

How much does barrel fluting reduce weight? Yes a fluted barrel can be stiffer than a non-fluted barrel, if the overall diameter is larger than the non-fluted barrel. By starting with a large diameter barrel and then removing material by fluting the exterior, you can reduce the weight of the barrel while maintaining nearly the same stiffness of the barrel prior to fluting.

What is the benefit of fluted barrels? Fluting and Barrel Stiffness: Fluting does not make a barrel stiffer. However, the weight reduction allowed by fluting permits you to start with a heavier barrel contour and end up at the same weight as an un-fluted barrel of a smaller diameter contour.

Why a Fluted Barrel?

Increasing the exterior diameter of a barrel increases the stiffness. However, all of the steel is not needed for stiffness, longitudinal fluting removes some of the unnecessary material. The wall thickness required to contain the pressure inside the chamber is …

Why are rifle barrels fluted ? fluting does NOT make a barrel stiffer as some claim. i can't really say if it is worth it or not. on a hunting rifle, i would say no. the weight saved is minimal, and you're not going to be shooting large volumes of ammo through a hunting rifle on a regular basis.

What's the advantage of having a fluted barrel on a rifle ? Fluting does 3 things. It lightens a heavy barrel. Also by fluting, it actually adds more surface area to the barrel making it stiffer. Because it then has less mass and more surface area it also cools quicker. Saw it on a gun show.

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