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Does psoriasis have a foul smell?


Thick generalized scales of psoriasis, if secondarily infected can have a bad odor. Otherwise, psoriasis scales have a somewhat 'burnt' skin smell.

Does Psoriasis Have a Smell?

Intertrigo can have a foul smell because it is caused by fungal (e.g. yeast) or bacterial infections that develop from friction in skin folds that are moist with sweat. Some of the topical applications, such as coal tar, used to treat psoriasis, can smell strong and the …

Does Psoriasis Have A Smell? All types of psoriasis, including inverse psoriasis, do not cause the skin to smell. If you have some of the symptoms of psoriasis and notice a strong odour, it could be down to something else. Inverse psoriasis is similar in appearance to the skin condition intertrigo.

Does psoriasis have an odor? It's the psoriasis not the medication,dead skin is what the smell is the medication removes the skin, to get control of the condition will control the smell.

What's That Smell?

What can we do to eliminate or reduce the smells? I have been looking into this and way to help reduce the smell and just help your feet feel better. Soak your worries away. I find in general that soaking my feet is like eating avocado, it is good for everything! With psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, I tend to soak my feet as I can and need to.

Psoriasis and odor? I believe that the odor you are talking about is due to increased natural lubricating secretions which may be in over drive due to the psoriasis. Since I am a woman, I can only really speak from that perspective. I detect an increase in the natural odors which my body produces when I am experiencing a psoriatic flare in the genital area.

Why does my psoriasis smell metallic? I have psoriasis in my scalp, but my religion requires I always have a head covering. The odor is unbearable, my children who are close all the time always make a …

What Is Weeping Psoriasis?

Sunlight and ultraviolet rays in sunlight is known to decrease formation of prolactin. Prolactin level increases in dark and in stressful condition. May be it is for this reason many patients have remission of weeping psoriasis in summer and warm weather. Treatment For Weeping Psoriasis. Weeping psoriasis is very distressing for the patient.

Does Psoriasis Have Scent? Anyway, long story short, the first area would smell musty which I noticed way back. I guess that is the only place I would notice a smell because of its location, and my skin psoriasis is not bad, except has been on my scalp and inside ears. I'm not likely to smell it there, unless it were very bad smell.

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