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Does stepping on a lego hurt?


Today I Found Out The piercing pain is familiar to almost everyone. Stepping on a LEGO hurts an unreasonable amount. Yes, you're stepping on something, and that can hurt no matter what you're stepping on. But there's actually sound reasons why LEGOs hurt much more than other things you might find on the floor at home.

Why Does Stepping On A LEGO Hurt so Much?

So, to answer the question posed, the reason stepping on a Lego brick hurts so much is a combination of how sensitive the nerves in our feet are, how much force our feet hit the ground with as we walk, and the fact that Lego bricks are extremely rigid, somewhat jagged, and small, ensuring that the force is efficiently directed back into a tiny area of your foot.

Why does stepping on Lego hurt so much? The bottom of our foot can have over 200,000 sensory receptors and, because the Lego doesn't give way when we step on it, it instead forces the pressure …

Why Is Stepping On A Lego So Painful? RELATED: What It’s Like to Be a Professional Lego Designer That last stat is before you factor in the force of impact while walking. Unless you’re weighing in at 476.5 pounds and could maybe snap the brick in half, stepping on a Lego

Why Stepping on LEGOs Hurts?

You step on a LEGO and it basically feels like you just stabbed your foot with a knife. No, it's not just you. No, it's not just you. Those tiny blocks of plastic really are exceptionally painful

Why does stepping on Lego hurt so much? Excruciating pain rockets through your body. as the whole weight of your body presses down against the inexorable firmness of Lego plastic. In a recent study by the American Chemical Society Reactions series the reasons for the unique and severe kind of pain that only comes from stepping on a Lego brick have been explored.

Why does stepping on a LEGO pieces hurt so much? So, when those tiny sharp edges are unknowingly stepped on, it can be excruciating. Not only in your foot but it also can cause pain in other places that you don't realize therefore intensifying the pain in your foot from the lego.. 693 views

Why Stepping on LEGO Bricks Hurts So Much?

We know that stepping on LEGO bricks hurts, but why does it hurt so much? Today I Found Out host Simon Whistler has an explanation for this eternal question.. Right up there with how the gun on the original Duck Hunt game worked, why it hurts so much to step on a Lego brick is one of the questions we’re asked the most, so it’s high time we answered it.

Why does stepping on a Lego brick hurt so darn much ? Even sharks know the exquisite pain of stepping unexpectedly on a Lego brick and feeling the agony that shoots up through your body. There are even special slippers to …

Why Does Stepping on LEGOs Hurt So Much? Stepping on a LEGO hurts an unreasonable amount. You step on other objects all the time, but LEGOs have a special vendetta against your feet. Yes, you're stepping on something, and that can hurt

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