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Does storefront have certificates?


StoreFront holds a number of certificates in a custom Windows certificate store (Citrix Delivery Services). The Citrix Configuration Replication service, Citrix Credential Wallet service, and Citrix Subscriptions Store service use these certificates.

How to Generate and Install an SSL Certificate on a ?

This article explains how to generate and install an SSL certificate on a StoreFront server for HTTPS connections. If you have already generated an SSL certificate on one of your StoreFront servers in the StoreFront server group, you can just export the existing SSL certificate and import the certificate on other StoreFront servers.

How to Export and Install an SSL Certificate for ? (Read CTX200292 to generate and install an SSL certificate on a StoreFront server if you don't have any SSL certificate for your StoreFront server.) You have a wildcard certificate for your domain and wish to use it for your StoreFront server (s).

Prerequisites for installing? StoreFront configured with a Workspace for website. Provides access to StoreFront stores from a web browser. For the limitations of this deployment, see the StoreFront documentation. The later root certificate does not use a cross-signed intermediate certificate. The cross-signed intermediate certificate and the root certificate have the

What are the different formats of SSL certificates and how ?

This format supports storage of single certificate and does not include private key for the intermediate/root CA. They are Binary format files; They have extensions .cer and .der; DER is typically used in Java platform. PKCS#7. This format contains only certificate or certificate chain but does not store the private key.

Cannot decrypt without adding certificate to personal ? I have checked my certmgr.msc - personal store, and both certificates are there. It is not your library that fails, it is something within MS libraries. Outlook has the same issue, I can only decrypt emails using cert1.pfx but not cert2.pfx. These issues does not appear, when I use the certificates

How does Citrix StoreFront work with XenApp and XenDesktop? StoreFront is free and available to use with XenDesktop and XenApp 5.5 or higher, and it also integrates with Citrix's XenMobile enterprise mobility management platform to provide self-service access to mobile apps. It's often cheaper for Citrix shops than using a third-party vendor such as Apperian, AppDirect, Embarcadero or Partnerpedia.

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