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Does the tcl language allow extensions?


The Tcl language has always allowed for extension packages, which provide additional functionality, such as a GUI, terminal-based application automation, database access, and so on.

Where Tcl and Tk Went Wrong DedaSys Journal?

Somewhat related to the large Tcl vs small Tcl issue was one particular extension, or extensions to the language that was noticeably absent: a system for writing “object oriented” code. Tcl, at heart, will never be an OO language through and through, like Ruby or Smalltalk, but that doesn’t mean that an OO system for it is not a useful

What is DDL, DML, DCL and TCL in the SQL language? Transaction Control Language (TCL) – a group of operators to manage transactions. A transaction is a command or block of commands (instructions) that are successfully completed as a whole, with all the changes made in the database being fixed permanently or cancelled, i.e. all the changes made by any command included in the transaction will

What is Tcl/Tk? The great flexibility of Tcl comes from its ability to extend the available set of commands known to the interpreter by adding additional extensions, that is, Tcl packages. Packages can be written in pure Tcl, making them platform-independent, or in native code like …

Why you should not use Tcl Hacker News?

This flexibility does of course allow things to go wrong in ways that could not happen in a more restrictive language. But it also provides an adaptability that is hard to give up once you get used to it. _ph_ on Aug 7, 2017. Tcl is great as an extension language for applications. There are several reasons for this. The most obvious one is the

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