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How did the penrhyn family get their money?


The continuous flow of money from Jamaica allowed Pennant’s heir to built a magnificent home in Wales. Penrhyn was an ostentatious show of wealth, spread over more than 300 rooms, which the family mostly used to entertain guests. The fortune gained from the slave plantations in Jamaica was never less than crucial to his developments in North Wales.


Today, Plas Penrhyn, now known as Penrhyn Old Hall is included in the suburbs of Llandudno but in Elizabethan times it stood in a lonely rural district and housed a powerful Roman Catholic family named Pugh (their coat of arms appears over the front doorway) and Robert Pugh of Penrhyn was High Sheriff of Caernarvonshire in 1561.

How Penrhyn Castle's history is linked to slavery? Money from his sugar plantations paid for local roads, railways, houses, schools and the Penrhyn Quarry, once the largest slate quarry in the world, and …

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