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How long is cambodia new year holiday?


The government has announced plans to reduce public holidays by at least 7 days beginning in 2020. This national holiday was established to celebrate the New Year in Cambodia. The holiday lasts for three days and is considered to be the most important festival on the calendar.

When is Cambodian New Year ?

Cambodian New Year. Sunday. Apr 14. 2031. Cambodian New Year. Monday. Apr 14. * The actual date of most global public holidays, and non-holiday observances, differs from one country, region or state, to another. To get the exact date when Cambodian New Year is observed, as an official non-working public holiday, in a specific country, region or

What is Khmer New Year? It is celebrated over three days starting from the 13 th or 14 th of April, which coincides with the end of the harvesting season. Khmer New Year is a precious time for Cambodian people to gather with family, friends and their community. It is celebrated throughout Cambodia and is rooted in Buddhist traditions.

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How to Celebrate the Khmer New Year in Cambodia?

The Cambodian New Year is celebrated for three whole days, each with its own ritual significance and ceremonies. Moha Songkran: The first day is celebrated as a welcome to the New Angels of the year. Khmer clean their homes on this day; they also prepare food offerings to be blessed by the monks in …

How long in Cambodia? For most, a minimum would be Angkor Wat is worth 4/5 days, Phnom Pehn 3/4. The beaches and islands around Sihanoukville are also nice. Kampot and Kratie are also worth a few days. Novememer is on

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