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How much did it cost to build penrhyn castle?


It cost the Pennant family an estimated £150,000. This is the current equivalent to about £49,500,000. Penrhyn is one of the most admired of the numerous mock castles built in the United Kingdom in the 19th century; Christopher Hussey called it, "the outstanding instance of Norman revival."

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• When the castle was built, it was rumoured to have cost £150,000 – to build it today would cost more than £50 million. • The castle grounds …

How much would it cost to build a castle as impressive and ? “It cost 6,180,047 Goldmarks to build. The exchange rate was roughly 4 marks = 1 dollar. The inflation rate from 1886 to present is a factor of about 25. So the cost is roughly $38.6 million in today's dollars.”

How to buy a castle How much does a castle cost? Just like a private island, castles vary wildly in cost. But this may come as a surprise: A castle can cost as much as a house. On Le Figaro’s website, for example, you’ll find 315 listings — many of them smaller residential structures — priced at under 1 million euros ($1.3 million USD).

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Penrhyn Castle is a huge, jaw-dropping building, with all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies. It will come as no surprise that, back in the 19th century, it cost the Pennant family a massive 150,000 to build. In today's money, that's around 50 million!

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