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How much money has been given to wales?


Wales has been given just over £4 billion of 'structural funding' since 2000. That money has come in three chunks over the years - here's when and how much. These are some of the projects that were approved between 2007 and 2013:

This is how much money Wales gets from the European Union ?

One of those things is a great deal of money that the European Union allocates to Wales. Wales currently receives around £680 million of EU funds every year, according to the Welsh Government. It's

How is Wales funded? Wales previously received an additional £245million a year from the European Union (i.e. farming subsidies, structural funding), but this funding has ended as of January 2020 and is set to be replaced by a UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Is Wales really too poor to be independent? Much of the land has only low commercial value so this is not an area where a great deal more revenue can be extracted. And as for taxes on moveable or footloose items, of course they are constrained by the level of English taxes. As a peripheral economy, Wales does not have a future as a high-tax economy next to a larger one with lower taxes.

Is Wales getting the best deal out of the EU?

Wales also doesn't give money to the EU itself - the UK government makes the contribution. Accounting for the variety of estimates that we do have available, the annual investment received by Wales could be an estimated €653-747 million per year, compared to an estimated annual contribution of €630 million.

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What does leaving the EU mean for Wales? The main two areas through which Wales has received funding from the EU are from structural funds, given to poorer areas, and from the Common Agricultural Policy. These amount to about £500 million a year for the 2014–2020 funding round, according to the House of Commons Library.

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How much does NHS Wales spend? Economics correspondent Sarah Dickins looks at how money is spent in the NHS in Wales. they were given £6,013m by the Welsh government to do that. Primary healthcare in Wales has

What is the NHS budget? This includes some money for sport as well as health. Wales. The NHS in Wales receives almost all of its money from the Welsh Government. Welsh residents don't pay for prescriptions for medication, but there are charges for visiting the dentist or the optician. Health spending in Wales is planned to be £7.3 billion in 2017/18, or roughly £

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