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Is ceramic window tint better?


Ceramic tint is also usually more optically clear than metalized auto window tinting, some types of which can reduce the clearness of view through windows. So for a safer view out through the windows, ceramic window film is better than metallic window tint.

What is a Ceramic Window Tint?

Ceramic window tint is the pinnacle of window protection. It’s engineered for superior clarity, blocking 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB, and most importantly – helps to keep the inside of your vehicle cooler – when infused with IR blocking materials.

What is the best window tint for homes? What is a ceramic window film? When asked what is ceramic window tint, and why you should buy Ceramic tint over the cheaper options of metallic or dyed. I would have to summarize the few factors involved in swaying your decision down to these three categories: Durability, Health & Safety.

Which Window Film/Tint Brand is the best? Madico and VKool arguably have visually the clearest films on the Market to look through. VKool’s (VK 70-55-40), Hupers Ceramic (60-50-40) and Madico’s M.A.C. (60-50-40) make a great car film if you do not like it dark, but want a great heat reduction. We do several applications of VK 70 similar films on windshields every month.

Why ceramic tint is the best tint for your Home or Car ?

The ceramic tint gives the glass structural stability making it less susceptible to things like scratches, which is beneficial in commercial or residential homes and car windows. As ceramic tint has a higher heat reduction, adding less stress on the glass making it more durable and cooler.

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