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Is elihu wrong?


Elihu is an intentionally false climax, tempting the reader to premature judgement that Job is wrong. God will say Job is right in what he said about God (God caused his suffering, he deserves an explanation why). Elihu says Job is wrong in what he said about God. Therefore, Elihu is wrong, like Job’s friends. Why no specific condemnation?

Why Elihu is So Mysterious?

Secondly, Elihu is dead wrong at times. For example, in Job 36:17, Elihu states, “But now you are laden with the judgment due the wicked; judgment and justice have seized you.” Here Elihu is implying that Job is suffering because he is being punished for wrongdoing. That is blatantly wrong as anyone who reads the story will know.

What was Elihu’s message to Job? In Job 33 Elihu turns his attention to Job. He declares Job wrong in saying he was without any sin and that God would not answer. Elihu says, “But I tell you, in this you are not right, / for God is greater than any mortal” (Job 33:12). In Job 34 Elihu shifts to declaring God’s justice.

Why wasn't Elihu included in God's scolding to Job's ? Ray C. Stedman believes that there are four reasons that Elihu is an integral part in the book of Job. (1) When you come to the end of the book and you read the rebuke that God gives to the three friends of Job, you will note that Elihu is not included. (2) He is …

What did Job’s three friends have wrong, and what did they ?

In addition, we can gain wisdom from what Job’s friends did wrong. We should not assume that troubles are the sure sign of God’s judgment (cf. John 9:1–3). Instead of telling a hurting person to admit his wrong and repent (when we do not know the reason for the suffering), we can join together and encourage a friend to endure faithfully

Who was Elihu? Elihu was correct about how we truly cannot understand how God punishes the unrighteous and righteous. God may chastise the righteous, but He does not punish them (as He would the unrighteous). But Elihu was as wrong as the rest of Job's friends in assuming that Job was being punished for unrigteousness. 1

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