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Is it illegal to change the bumper height of a car?


Modification of original vehicle bumper height or altering suspension system is illegal if altered more than 2 inches above or below factory recommendations.

Why is there no standard car bumper height on all vehicles ?

That being said, though, there are a few Federal regulations regarding bumpers, specifically that they must be between 16 and 21 inches off the ground: Bumper Questions and Answers The people who make the rules are just as individual as you and me - they …

Why do newer cars have no real bumpers? Modern car bumpers are, in the vast majority of cases, beautiful, yet useless in low speed accidents. Modern car bumpers are designed to crumple or break. A car bumper should be that part of a car that satisfies the elusive "dual crap" criteria: i

Why are off-road vehicles with high bumpers ? Bumper height isn’t even a distraction, unless you like to try and visually measure bumper height. It’s in the miscelaneous catagory. Maybe the unsafe vehicle catagory, which is a low cause of crashes and a low cause of deaths. And even then, bumper height would be way down on the list of roots for unsafe vehicle problems.

Why are off-road vehicles with high ?

Don’t know about where you live, but Colorado has regulations on bumper height (and headlight height). The problem is that it’s almost impossible to keep track of every bozo that lifts a vehicle beyond the legal limit. If you have a specific vehicle you can identify, turn them in (but check your state’s motor vehicle statutes first).

Is it Illegal to Drive with a Taped Bumper? If you have a crash and your bumper has fallen off the car and is ‘over there’ somewhere on the other side of the road, then do not drive the car anymore until you get it fixed. The point of a bumper usually is to provide a crumple zone/impact absorption in the case of …

WHAT EVERYBODY OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT BUMPERS …? In a 1998 Institute survey, 77 percent of respondents said the government should require car bumpers to withstand a 5 mph impact with no damage. Eighty-eight percent said federal bumper standards should apply to all passenger vehicle types, not just cars. 11. Have manufacturers begun to improve bumper performance? Some have.

Why Bumpers Are Off-Shade From The Rest Of Your Car New ?

As beautifully shaped as it is, the sheer size of the bumper dominates the rear of the car. The bumper is almost as tall as the edge of the quarter panel! This is at a time when competitors (think 300ZX, 3000GT, Porsche 964, etc) had tiny rear bumpers in comparison. A paint mismatch won’t stand out with a tiny bumper as much as it does on the

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