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Is it possible to write raw sql queries with doctrine?


Well, you're already familiar with writing SQL, and, yea, it is possible to write raw SQL queries with Doctrine. But, most of the time, you won't do this. Instead, because Doctrine is a library that works with many different database engines, Doctrine has its own SQL-like language called Doctrine query language, or DQL.

How to Run Native SQL Queries with Doctrine Kingdom of Roi?

It’s generally hard to run a complicated query with multiple joins in Doctrine. So you generally need the raw sql format, where you can’t easily find on Doctrine which is one of the best ORM frameworks for PHP. Here is what you can do: view plain copy to clipboard print?

Why using methods for database queries instead of raw queries? If you write raw SQL everywhere, and the database schema changes (or another database is used, with different features), you would have to go through potential hundreds or thousands of code pieces and adjust them, potentially having no …

Distance Query DQL Failing Raw SQL works? So this isn't the end of the world mission critical because I can make this work using raw SQL but I can't figure out why this failing when I try it inside of DOCTRINE_QUERY. I'm using Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine 1.2 I believe.

How to select distinct query using symfony2 doctrine query ?

you could write. select DISTINCT f from t; as. select f from t group by f; thing is, I am just currently myself getting into Doctrine, so I cannot give you a real answer. but you could as shown above, simulate a distinct with group by and transform that into Doctrine. if you want add further filtering then use HAVING after group by. Answered By: Anonymous

How to Write T-SQL Queries Like a Pro – {coding}Sight? Using dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server tool. In this speeding world, the time is a very important factor in all businesses and costs money! For the SQL Server administrators and developers with large number of requirements to be accomplished in short period, the market provides number of third-part tools that help in building complex T-SQL queries in no-time. dbForge Query Builder for SQL

How to: Display Generated SQL? You can view the SQL code generated for queries and change processing by using the Log property. This approach can be useful for understanding LINQ to SQL functionality and for debugging specific problems. Example. The following example uses the Log property to display SQL code in the console window before the code is executed. You can use this

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