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Is slayer gates hidden?


Despite being able to destroy everything in his path, one challenge lies hidden in Doom Eternal that can even make the most prestigious Doom players struggle to complete. Slayer Gates are hidden throughout Doom Eternal's campaign and are extremely challenging rooms that reward players with the Empyrean Keys.

Cant go back for Slayer Gates?

Slayer gates are mostly pretty deep into the levels. And I, as a general rule, don’t replay games, especially ones I have a ..mixed reaction to like this one. I would never have skipped the slayer gates if it didn’t straight up lie in the tutorialization, though.

How to get the Unmaykr? Slayer Gates are super challenging encounters that can be unlocked with Slayer Keys. There are hidden throughout the campaign for Doom Eternal and will require all your skills to …

Cultist base slayer gate key? These gates and keys are hidden in Exultia, the base of worship, the Super Gore nest, the Arc complex, the Martian core and Tres Navad. Our guide below will show you the map locations of each slayer gate and slayer key.

How to Unlock Unmaykr in DOOM Eternal?

But to enter these Slayer Gates, you need Slayer Keys. When it comes to finding Slayer Keys in DOOM Eternal, they’re usually found right next to a Slayer Gate but often require you to complete a small puzzle or clear an area of enemies. Once you’ve found a Slayer Key, use it to enter a Slayer Gate.

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