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Is the duke of edinburgh in his 90s?


The Duke of Edinburgh has perhaps been best known for his legendary gaffes. Here are some of the best. With both Royals now in their 90s, it wasn’t the first time concerns over their health have been raised.

British Jews Mourn Death of Duke of Edinburgh?

“I enjoyed immensely my personal conversations with the Duke of Edinburgh, during which I was deeply moved by his extraordinary sense of duty,” British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wrote. “A remarkable Royal, working well into his 90s, he became a role model for staying active in one’s later years and demonstrated an unwavering sense of

Who will be the next Duke of Edinburgh following Prince ? The Duke of Edinburgh title was created in 1726 by King George I and given to Prince Frederick. King George VI, father of Elizabeth, bestowed the title on his son-in-law Philip ahead of his

How did Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh die? The Duke of Edinburgh's death certificate has revealed that Prince Philp passed away from 'old age.' Last month the Royal Family announced the Duke had died peacefully in his sleep aged 99 after a stay in hospital. Earlier this week, his official death notice was revealed and it stated that the cause of death was simply down to ‘old age’.

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