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Is the innodb plugin used in mysql 5 6?


In MySQL 5.6, InnoDB is the default storage engine and InnoDB Plugin is not used, so this variable has no effect. As of MySQL 5.6.5, it is ignored.

How to install memcached plugin with MySQL 5.6? the memcached daemon plugin to MySQL. an InnoDB API plugin to memcached. 5. Compile the source distribution and Install it. Set the correct account permissions. make make install 6. Change location into the top-level directory of your MySQL installation. You will find several files and subdirectories in the

How to configure memcached for mysql innodb? The InnoDB Memcached Plugin is a feature in MySQL >= 5.6 that runs a Memcached daemon in the existing mysqld process supporting the Memcached API listening on a different port (11211 by default). Because it runs in the same process space as InnoDB, you get low-latency access to data stored in InnoDB tables and through existing, widely-available

Can MySQL InnoDB corruption occur that the storage engine ? mysql.plugin table. Finally looked into the directory containing the system tables and saw they were using the MyISAM storage engine. Then the consequences are quite obvious. (Only) Solution: Go to a newer version (I used MariaDB in my case). You cannot use InnoDB as storage engine for the system tables on MySQL 5.1.

How to safely change MySQL innodb variable 'innodb_log ?

I would instead recommend the official method, which I reproduce here for convenience:. To change the number or the size of InnoDB log files in MySQL 5.6.7 or earlier, use the following instructions.The procedure to use depends on the value of innodb_fast_shutdown, which determines whether or not to bring the system tablespace fully up-to-date before a shutdown operation:

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