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Is the mco going to affect civil cases?


Any Case Managements for civil cases which are scheduled to take place via the Court’s e-Review system are not affected by the MCO and will proceed as usual via online. Filing of new civil cases can be carried out through the Court’s e-filing system. However, where e-filing is unavailable, new cases can only be filed after 14 April 2020.

Is COVID-19 or The Movement Control Order (“MCO”) A Force ?

It surely cannot be the case that it was reasonably foreseeable for the contractors to envisage the implementation of the MCO at the date of tender save for tender documents drawn up post-COVID-19, i.e January 2020 when the COVID-19 was a live issue (foreseeability is a question of fact and degree and ultimately it is arguable).

How Legal Compensation Works (Damages, Settlements, More)? The object in these civil suits is to help the injured party recover the money lost due to the accident, as well as pay for medical and emotional needs stemming from the incident. In some cases, the damages handed down in court are also designed to dissuade the defendant from similar conduct in the future - punitive damages.

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