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Is the ocarina a flute?


The ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. There are so many different variations to the instrument, but it is basically an enclosed space with holes and a mouthpiece that projects directly from the instrument. Okay, here is an easy explanation on why the ocarina isn’t a flute.

What is an ocarina?

Many variations of vessel flutes exist, and people often use the terms 'ocarina' and 'vessel flute' interchangeably. This website is about the transverse ocarina, a cone shaped musical instrument invented by Giuseppe Donati in the 19th century. The transverse ocarina comes from Budrio, a small town in northern Italy.

How to Make an Ocarina with Your Hands: 10 Steps (with ? An ocarina is an ancient, flute-like wind instrument used by many cultures around the world. Though traditional ocarinas were usually made from clay or vegetables, you can make one with just your hands. It's tricky to master the hand ocarina, but once you do, you can move from basic whistling to simple songs and more.

How to Make a Clay Ocarina? All kinds of musical instruments can be fashioned from clay, with one of the simplest being the clay ocarina. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a clay ocarina, you’ve come to the right place. Flutes, whistles and ocarinas are known as airduct flutes and they come in many shapes and sizes. Their common characteristic is an airduct assembly

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