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Is the rose smelled sweet?


The Rose is smelled sweet (by the people ). Some people are of the view that the verb ‘smell’ is intransitive I think it’s wrong because smell is a verb of perception and as such has an object understood ( a person). Now let’s turn to other sentence to come to the conclusion. Go. It’s an imperative sentence which has an understood subject, you.

What do roses really smell of?

The rose has a powerful smell, but scent descriptions vary from sweet to a traditional damask rose essence. The classical rose scent is often being supplemented by other notes. For example, in the case of ‘Munstead Wood’, ‘Grand Siesle’, ‘Lady of Megginch’ …

What is the passive voice of the sentence, 'The rose ? What is the passive voice of the sentence, "The rose smells sweet."? I've been seeing people maintaining that, ‘the rose is sweet when smelt’, is the passive voice of ‘the rose smells sweet’. It isn't. The English Language is full of idiosyncrasie

What makes roses smell so sweet? "Arranging atoms even slightly differently can mean that a rose by any other configuration doesn't smell as sweet." AD For flowers, scent production is a tricky business.

Why Do Roses Smell So Sweet?

This week Reactions is checking out the chemistry of roses and why they smell so sweet. Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and people will be spending billions on

Does Dali's 'Meditative Rose' Smell Sweet or Strange ? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet,” quotes Juliet to Romeo in Shakespeare’s classic. Yet, in art, sometimes the name is the only indicator to the art enthusiast about the painter’s intention.

Why don’t roses smell anymore? Smelling a modern rose has become an intellectual exercise, like picking out the notes in the bouquet of a fine wine. You may even have to catch the rose in the morning or at a particular season. Overall, though, the modern rose has lost its fragrance.

What is the passive voice of the sentence 'the flower ?

It’s not a transitive verb, so there is no passive construction. “Passive” applies only when the verb is transitive. Example: The boy kicked the ball. (active) The ball was kicked by the boy. (passive) In the example you provide, the verb has no o

This Rose smells sweet The Independent The Independent? This Rose smells sweet SMALLER COMPANIES. Saturday 22 October 2011 22:14. comments. Article bookmarked. Find your bookmarks in your …

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