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Is the wire the best tv show ever?


MANY CRITICS CONSIDER IT THE BEST TV SHOW EVER. When it comes to pop culture, the word “best” is tossed around so often that it’s hard to take it seriously. But The Wire is one of just a handful of shows you could make a serious case for as "the best show ever.”

How The Wire became the greatest TV show ever made?

How The Wire became the greatest TV show ever made is still consistently cited by critics as one of the greatest TV series ever made. “It was only positioned as ‘the best thing ever on

Is The Wire the best television show ever? The word best makes me uncomfortable. But that said, there's no doubt that The Wire is as good as television gets.

Is 'The Wire' the greatest TV show ever? 11.2k votes, 3.3k comments. 16.5m members in the television community. ‎

Is this the best TV series ever made?

But The Wire - now in its final season and acclaimed as the most accomplished TV series ever - is not the work of regular screen writers but an ex-journalist, an ex-detective and an elite team of

Why The Wire Is The Best TV Show Of All Time ScreenRant? Looking back at one of the most critically-acclaimed shows of all time, the intricacies of The Wire remain a standout even as television continues to press further into its golden age. From hidden metaphors to shocking death scenes, Simon was able to impress on every level.

Is The Wire the best TV show ever? reader report Is The Wire the best TV show ever? CAPTIVATING: Complex characters such as anti-hero Jimmy McNulty help make The Wire one of television's all-tme great series. I …

Is "The Wire" the best TV show ever?

(CBS Local) – “The Wire” made its debut on HBO almost 20 years ago. The series about life in Baltimore is still one of the hottest television shows. A hit series shot in Charm City that explores the city’s drug business, law enforcement, and port industry. Many of the show’s actors, such as Idris Elba, …

Is this the Greatest TV Show EVER? In the last 131 days of the Lockdown, I've watched at least 70 movies and 11 TV shows and as good as they werenothing comes close to my favourite TV show

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