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Is there an alfresco jail in maricopa county?


Pearce credits himself for conceiving of Tent City, an alfresco jail complex that is one of several Maricopa County jails. While it was being repaired, we consumed an alfresco breakfast by the side of the road; very enjoyable. As the evenings lengthened we used to find alfresco coffee-parties being held in a corner of Peck.

Where do I serve a jail sentence for misdemeanor DUI in ?

For the vast majority of cases the sentence is served in the Maricopa County jail located at 3250 W. Lower Buckeye Rd., Phoenix. If the case is prosecuted in the Tempe Municipal Court and the sentence is one day it may be served in the Tempe city jail. If the case is prosecuted in the Avondale Municipal Court and the sentences 10 days or less

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