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Is there extra space on the left in emacs 24?


With emacs -Q (Emacs 24), I see no extra space at the left. The the last line number, which has the most digits, is flush with the left side, and all line numbers are right aligned. Here are two images, from the top and bottom of the buffer. What am I missing? ā€“ DrewAdams

What's New in Emacs 24 (part 2)?

New Modes and Packages in Emacs 24.1. Occur Edit mode applies edits made in *Occur* buffers to the. original buffers. It is bound to ā€œeā€ in Occur mode. Probably one of the best changes in Emacs 24 yet. Forget color themes and package managers. This is the sort of thing that gives Emacs the edge, and now we no longer need a 3rd party package

What's New In Emacs 24 (part 1)? If you set completion-cycle-threshold to t then Emacs will always cycle through the completion choices if there is more than one left. And because this feature affects completion-at-point it should work in most modes. Set it to an integer and it will only cycle if there are fewer than N items.

What's New in Emacs 24.3? Startup Changes in Emacs 24.3. Emacs no longer searches for leim-list.el files beneath the standard. lisp/ directory. There should not be any there anyway. If you have. been adding them there, put them somewhere else; e.g., site-lisp. The --no-site-lisp command line option now works for Nextstep builds. Changes in Emacs 24.3 Help

What causes this graphical error in emacs with linum-mode ?

While I understand where they are coming from, most color-themes these days would color the extra space and not provide what I am looking for (a separation of about a space that is the background color). If you do edit linum.el, make sure to run. M-x emacs-lisp-byte-compile-and-load to ā€¦

What's New in Emacs 27.1? The obsolete package xesam.el (since Emacs 24) has been removed. The XBM image handler now accepts a ':stride' argument, which should be specified in image specs representing the entire bitmap as a single bool vector. 'regexp-quote' may return its argument string. If the argument needs no quoting, it can be returned instead of a copy.

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