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What are the dimensions of a crane?


The common crane is a large, stately bird and a medium-sized crane. It is 100–130 cm (39–51 in) long with a 180–240 cm (71–94 in) wingspan.

How to Measure for an Overhead Crane's Span and Runway Length?

The two most important measurements for the crane rails are the head width and the rail height. This allows the engineering team to identify the size of the rail and determine what size wheels should be used on the crane system. This is important for two reasons:

What Size Crane Do I Need? Click the image and you can see that the outrigger base for a Demag AC 50-1 mobile crane is 6.85m by 6.4m and the overall length of the crane is 11.2m. Step 2 - position the crane If the crane fits in the desired location on site, you must then make sure that you plot any potential obstructions to the lifting operations on the graph.

American Ohio Locomotive Crane -- Crane Dimensions? American Crane Dimensions -- DES Series: 9070-DES: 9090-DES: American & Ohio, names you can trust. -- AOLCrane™, a name you can count on. ©2007 American & Ohio Locomotive Crane Company. All rights fully reserved. Trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

How to determine the Crane Capacity Index?

• Base dimensions; A. Crane center – pivot point main boom B. Height of crane pivot point On standard tires, 100mm between ground and tires C. Sheaves distance For the Liebherr LTM 1100-5.2 the base dimensions are: A=2.0 m; B=3.83 m; C=1.1 m Calculations Minimum radius Minimum radius = ½*outrigger base Liebherr LTM1100-5.2: ½*7.0 = 3.5 m

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