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What do you need to know about whizlabs certification?


Whizlabs provides certification courses for all sorts of programs such as Linux, Cloud Computing, Java and project management tools. Each class includes certification in the particular skill it covers, allowing you to prove your knowledge and advance your career.

How Do I Get The Certification For Microsoft ?

You do not need to possess any special qualification or experience to seek this certification. The only thing that Microsoft demands from you is basic knowledge of how to use computer technology, the basic idea of cloud computing, data analytics, and the usability of the internet.

Whizlabsis it legal way to prepare for the certificate ? If you're not too familiar with it, start with the basics like create a resource group, then a subnet, a VM and so on. If you do for few times, you'll have the basis of the commands nailed down. Some of the questions are lengthy and tricky. You need to understand possible dependencies and where to spot them to be able to answer questions quickly.

How does WhizLabs compare to the actual exam? the free Whizlab exams for the Cloud Practitioner and Solution Architect Associate. Plus the paid exams for the Cloud Practitioner - I had 94% with Whizlab prior the 1st time I took them after completing the A Cloud Guru course work and the day prior to the actual exam - where I obtained 86%.

How Whizlabs helped me to clear AZ- 400 Certification Exam ?

Recently, I bought 2 courses (Docket and AZ-400) from Whizlabs and happy to inform you that I've cleared my AZ-400 Certification with the help of Whizlabs tr

How WhizLabs helped me pass AWS Certification Exams and ? WhizLabs ( is an established training and exam prep site, and a known partner to Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc.Its feature-rich pra

How do I know which subscriptions and licenses I need to ? Every service is basically the course and you can purchase one for which you want to be prepared to get satisfied. If you are confuse and not able to decide which licenses and subscription can absolutely help you to pass the actual certification exam just get in touch with our customer support or 24*7 online chat support team.

Is Whizlabs legit?

Todd Loeber. For those who don't know Whizlabs, it is supposed to be a provider of mock exams to help prep for certifications. They have a Unique Customer File (UCF) that is retrieved automatically during installation of their mock exam products. If the automatic retrieval fails, they do provide a manual process for retrieving the file.

Is Whizlabs offer (IBM 141) only for New Year ? Hi Ranchies, I am preparing for IBM XML certification and thus looking to buy Whizlabs Simulator . The web site is showing that they are giving discounts on most of their products . 1) IBM 141 exam is costing me Rs 749.95 (i.e. 15.62$) , is it really an offer or it costs so much only . Anyone has bought earlier , please let me know.

How authentic are the Whizlab compared to the real exam ? How "authentic" are the Whizlab compared to the real exam. This doesn't solve your problem -- in fact, it may hurt you. If you happen to only memorize the answers, and if the real exam is different, then you'll fail, and have to go back to studying. This may be a *good* thing.

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