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What is the incantation for the hover charm?


The Hover Charm ( incantation unknown) was a charm which made the target hover in mid-air for a brief period of time. It was one of the many lesser variations of the Levitation Charm, and worked on both objects and people.

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hover charm. hurling hex. 18/20. what is the incantation for the leg-locker curse? Type answer. Hint: 16 characters. 19/20. which spell will put out the light at the end of your wand? obscuro. lumos. nox. 20/20. which spell turns an object into a portkey? Type answer. Hint: 6 characters.

List Of Charms Wiki Harry Potter Amino? Charms are distinguished from transfigurations in that charm adds or changes properties of an object; it focuses on altering what an object does as opposed to what an object is An object that has a lasting charm placed on it is called Bewitched, though charms in general appear to last longer than other spells.

List of Charms Wiki Harry Potter Amino? The Floating Charm (incantation unknown) is one of the many lesser variations of the Levitation Charm, like the Hover Charm or the Rocket Charm, which, makes a target object float in mid-air. • Flying charm. This charm (incantation unknown) is a spell cast on objects to allow them to fly. It is cast on broomsticks and flying carpets.

Banishing Charm Hogwarts Spells Wiki Fandom?

The Banishing Charm, a charm used infrequently by witches and wizards to send the target object wherever they wish. It openly acts as a countercharm to the Summoning Charm, and is taught in year four charms class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Retrieved from " ".

Listing of Harry Potter Spells? Banishing Charm: The charm used to cause an object to fly away from you.Incantation unknown. Bewitched Sleep: Spell cast by Dumbledore on the "hostages" for the second Triwizard Task. Incantation unknown. Bubblehead Charm: Spell used to enable a wizard to breathe under water.

Banishing Charm – Harry Potter Lexicon? Hover Charm. Movement Magic. Flying Magic. Knockback Jinx. Repelling Spell. Events The Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament The incantation, Depulso, first came from the video game version of Prisoner of Azkaban. As such, it's canonicity was questionable,

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There is a spell listed as (Hover charm). However it has exactly the same effect as Wingardium Leviosa. It probably means that Dobby and Xenophilius were simply casting Wingardium Leviosa non-verbally, rather than a different, unnamed charm. or its incantation, must be stated in canon for it …

Disarming Charm Magic Training Roblox Wiki Fandom? The Disarming Charmis a spell activated by chanting "Expelliarmus". Its purpose is to disarm the target of their wand. Upon disarming the opponent, their wand will go to the caster of this spell and will be usable, this includesthe Elder Wand. If the target is not holding an item, Expelliarmus will instead knock them back. The disarmed wand can be intercepted by any other person whileit is in

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