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What is the length of a hk p7m8?


The extremely compact HK P7M8 can be drawn, cocked, and fired more accurately and faster than any other pistol. Its overall length and width is close to many .380 pocket pistols; the full power 9mm P7M8 has a full length four inch barrel enclosed in its low profile steel slide.

Chris's Unofficial H&K P7 Website?

It is out of production except for an occasional new production run. I'm told all the HK factory-types carry the PSP. It is very similar to the P7M8, the primary visible differences are the PSP's lack of a heat guard above the trigger, and a "European style" magazine release on the butt of …

What's So Great About The HK P7M8? I own a new P7M8 and have benchmarked it to other 9mm pistols of similar size and barrel lengths. What I found is that this gun has some room for improvement, design-wise; but since it is a "dead" product, it is not likely that H&K will be making any improvements.

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