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What is the route of the union pacific?


Union Pacific operates along much of the original Transcontinental Railroad route between Sacramento, Calif., and Omaha, Neb., but it's routes also connect every state from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.

Whatever happened to UP?

Union Pacific is a profoundly different railroad on many parts of its far-flung system than it was just two decades ago. To show you what I mean, let's look at the numbers--the numbers of trains it operates, to be specific. What you'll see is that the part of Union Pacific that …

History of the Union Pacific Railroad — Wikipedia ? The original company, Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR), was created and funded by the federal government by Pacific Railroad Acts of 1862 and 1864. The laws were passed as war measures to forge closer ties with California and Oregon, which otherwise took six months to reach.

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