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What is the trinitarian christian faith?


The Christian Faith is a Trinitarian faith. That doctrine is as fundamental as any of our doctrines and it has a unique role in that it also structures the way we think about and explain the faith . For example, Christology is also a catholic (universal) doctrine clearly confessed in the most ancient ecumenical creeds but it does not structure the way we teach the faith in the way that the doctrine of the Trinity does.

What Is the Trinity in Christianity?

The Trinity expresses the belief that God is one being made up of three distinct persons who exist in co-equal essence and co-eternal communion as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The doctrine or concept of the Trinity is central to …

What is Trinitarianism? Trinitarianism is the teaching that God is triune, that He has revealed Himself to be three co-equal and co-eternal Persons. For a detailed biblical presentation of the Trinity, please see our article on what the Bible teaches about the …

Why is the Trinity So Important to Christians? So, if the Trinity is such a mystery, why study it and write about it? In short, we study and learn about the Trinity because, according to Wayne Grudem, “this teaching has implications for the very heart of the Christian faith.” (Grudem, page 247) What Are the Main Points We Need to Know About the Trinity? 1} God is Three Persons.

Christian Trinitarian Simply Christian?

Christian Trinitarian. A forum for those that subscribe to a Trinitarian (non-unitarian) worldview. If you are undecided feel free to visit and ask questions. It is our sincere hope that all who have suffered spiritual abuse at the hand of man will be able to keep their faith in their Creator and his Son. This is a moderated forum so play

Why is the doctrine of the Trinity important ? As such, I would like to make a few statements on the purpose and importance of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. When it comes right down to it, one of the most essential doctrines of the Christian faith is that Jesus is God. This has been clearly expressed throughout the New Testament.

Christianity? The Holy Trinity The basis for the doctrine of the Trinity The central Christian affirmations about God are condensed and focused in the classic doctrine of the Trinity, which has its ultimate foundation in the special religious experience of the Christians in the first communities.

What is incarnational Trinitarian theology?

The incarnational, Trinitarian theology explored on this blog is grounded in the revelation of Jesus Christ, who, as God, is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit (the doctrine of the Trinity); and, as human, is one with all humanity (the doctrine of the Incarnation). Following are short summaries that help clarify the basic concepts of this Christ-centered theology.

What Is the Doctrine of the Trinity? One of the most important doctrines of the Christian faith is that of the Trinity. From Scripture we learn that God, by nature is a Triune Being or Trinity. The subject of the Trinity is holy ground because it discusses the nature of the one, true, God. Consequently we should approach the subject with all …

What is Christian faith? This is what the Christian faith is all about. It is the experience of living in a new relationship of trust and surrender with God through his Son, Jesus, by the indwelling power of the Spirit. And your fundamental Christian ministry is sharing the good news of …

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