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When did fleet foxes album sun giant come out?


The band's performance at the South by Southwest festival in March caught the attention of the international press; a month later, Fleet Foxes released their second EP, Sun Giant, to critical acclaim. Their first full-length album, Fleet Foxes, was released in June and peaked at number three in the United Kingdom, where it was certified platinum.

How Fleet Foxes Created ‘Shore,’ Their Stunning Surprise ?

Less than a year removed from soliciting shows in Seattle on MySpace, Fleet Foxes topped Pitchfork’s 2008 year-end albums list with the Sun Giant EP and Fleet Foxes

Listening Booth: Fleet Foxes, “Sun Giant EP” – Popdose? Despite the sound-drenched aesthetic that fills the heart of the album, there’s also a sense that less is more. The title track is just a chorus of echoing voices for the first half, then shifts into humming over gentle mandolin picking. The mandolin use is a great example of the charm of Fleet Foxes — more on that later.

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