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When did hurricane igor hit the lesser antilles?


Hurricane Igor at peak intensity east of the Lesser Antilles on September 15, 2010. Hurricane Igor was the most destructive tropical cyclone on record to strike the Canadian island of Newfoundland, and the strongest hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season.

Hurricanes Igor and Tomas get their names retired ?

Hurricane Igormade landfall near Cape Race, Newfoundland on September 21, 2010, and was that island's most damaging hurricane in 75 years, with $200 million in damage.

List of Newfoundland hurricanes? Hurricane Igor: Category 1 hurricane: September 21, 2010 (): Cape Race: Avalon Peninsula, entire island: Extreme damage, the most destructive hurricane ever to strike Newfoundland, as well as the worst storm of tropical origin to hit Newfoundland since 1935. Third wettest hurricane on record, and maximum sustained winds at landfall of approximately 140 km/h (87 mph).

This Day In History: The Most Lethal Hurricane Ever ? This day in history a great hurricane devastated large areas of the West Indies, especially the Lesser Antilles. It is known as the Great Hurricane and it was the most deadly storm ever recorded. The West Indies has long been battered by hurricanes but the one in 1780 was unprecedented.

Hurricanes in Louisiana: the last 100 years?

Sept. 27-28, 1998: Hurricane Georges left destruction from the Lesser Antilles to Louisiana. The storm struck the Mississippi Coast, but tidal surges of …

HISTORY OF CYCLONES OF THE LESSER ANTILLES? The storm was steadily moving in a general westward track and it became a hurricane in September 13th when it was still east of the Lesser Antilles, the storm continued the intensification process towards its peak of intensity of max. sustained winds of up to 160mph (140kts) and a minimal pressure of 918mb measured by the Hurricane Hunters in

Hurricane Earl takes aim at Lesser Antilles; 5-year ? Hurricane warnings are flying for the islands in the northern Lesser Antilles, as they hunker down a prepare for the arrival of the 3rd hurricane of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, Hurricane Earl.

Hurricane Irma causes extensive damage in Lesser Antilles ?

Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm, caused extensive damage when it made landfall in the Lesser Antilles and is heading toward Puerto Rico and Hispaniola, officials said Wednesday.

Hurricane Irma slams Caribbean islands as Category 5 storm ? The hurricane center said Tropical Storm Jose was about 1,255 miles east of the Lesser Antilles late Tuesday and its maximum sustained winds had risen to 60 mph.

Hurricane Hugo? Hurricane Hugo was a powerful Cape Verde tropical cyclone that inflicted widespread damage across the northeastern Caribbean and the Southeastern United States in September 1989. Across its track, Hugo affected approximately 2 million people. Its direct effects killed 67 people and inflicted $11 billion in …

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