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When did the cast of the twilight zone die?


On July 23, 1982, an all-too-real tragedy occurred while filming the movie adaptation of the classic television show The Twilight Zone. Per History, on the last day of shooting, veteran actor Vic Morrow and two child actors, Renee Shinn Chen and Myca Dinh Le , died while filming a segment that took place during the Vietnam War.

Which Origianl TZ Actors Are Still Alive?

Nope, Martin M. Goldsmith is gone. He died in 1994. I know this because his wife told me - and you can find his two TZ scripts in my just-released book, "Forgotten Gems from The Twilight Zone", Volume 2. Available for purchase now on my publisher's website,

Where are they now: Kids from 'The Twilight Zone'? Twilight Zone episode: "Mute" Ann Jillian had an intriguing role in The Twilight Zone where she played a young mute girl who only knew how to communicate telepathically with her parents. When they die, her hopes for communicating are lost. Since then, Jillian was cast to star in several short-lived series, including It's a Living and Ann Jillian.

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