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When did the peeks creek flood happen?


This section provides an overview of the Peeks Creek Debris Flow at Macon County, North Carolina in September 2004. Five people were killed, two persons were seriously injured and 15 homes were destroyed on September 16, 2004 about 10:00pm.

Lise's Log Cabin Life: The 2004 Peeks Creek Disaster?

This post is dedicated to all the residents of Peaks Creek, permanent and part time, whose lives were forever changed 8 years ago today. On September 16, 2004, around 10:10 PM, the rain drenched earth slid down Fish Hawk mountain, collecting every tree, rock and boulder in its path, gaining mass and momentum every second.

Historical Floods: Perkiomen Creek at Graterford, PA? Historical Floods: Perkiomen Creek at Graterford, PA Latitude: 40.229 Longitude: -75.452 Last Flood: 7/11/2019 Period of Record: 1915-Present Flood Stage: 11 Number of Floods: 87 Date of Flood Crest (ft) Streamflow (cfs) Category Code Date of Flood Crest (ft) Streamflow (cfs) Category Code 1/7/1915 14.33 19,800 Moderate C1

Hurricane Florence: Longs community in SC is flooded ? The only way to reach the end of Star Bluff Road in Longs is by boat. For about a half-mile, floodwaters were waist-deep or higher on Friday. Residents of …

Does that creek behind the house flood?

The same creek that you see as a beautiful feature can also be a horrible risk. Now, first of all having a creek behind the house doesn’t always mean the house will flood every time there is a big rain. The fact is only about 25 of the homes along a creek such as J ohnson Creek and Butternut Creek actually flood. (Those are just the ones you

Why some creeks have no flood warnings? “Funding cuts happened when earmarks were eliminated in the federal budget in 2010,” said Ben Pratt, a water resources engineer for the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.

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