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When do we start accepting camping reservations for 2021?


We will begin accepting camping reservations beginning at 9AM on Monday, February 15. Before making your reservation please read "2021 Camping Season Information" below. What would you like to do?

Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservations?

Campground memberships can give you many options for places to stay. But not all places to stay are campgrounds. The last few years have seen an abundance of out-of-the-box camping directories for RVers with a more adventurous spirit. Membership-based clubs like Boondockers Welcome give you more options to go RVing without reservations.

How to Apply for a Southbound John Muir Trail Permit in 2021? How the John Muir Trail Permit System Works. John Muir Trail permits are issued via a lottery system. Interest in hiking the JMT has grown rapidly in the last decade and more people want to hike the trail than the trail can handle so a quota (or cap) …

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