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When does the ultra4 rule book come out?


Download the ULTRA4 Rule Book – Updated 12/22/20 for 2021 season Quick note: We changed the way the rule book deals with changes this year. We got rid of the red color on changes because it was causing issues when people printed it on a black and white printer.

How to Avoid these Top 10 Ultra4 Violations DrivingLine?

How to Avoid these Top 10 Ultra4 Violations. January 17, 2015; Story By Harry Wagner; King of The Hammers has an excellent safety record, something that Dave Cole and his crew are understandably very proud of. Still, every year drivers show up on the lakebed in Johnson Valley with vehicles that fail technical inspection prior to the race and are scrambling to make modifications.

can someone explain the lighting for KOH/ultra4/Desert ? Re: can someone explain the lighting for KOH/ultra4/Desert racing? The blue light penetrates the dust with better contrast than the other tail lights. Not only does it identify the slow guys it does it from a further distance.

What Makes The Ultimate Ultra4 Rig? The King of The Hammers, and all of Ultra4’s events, are more than just crawling along boulders. When you’re racing the King of The Hammers, you’re also running between those features and, while the lake bed is a mostly straight path, the course features twisting and curving paths much like you see in traditional open desert racing.

What to Expect at a Dirt Riot Race?

With a few minor safety adjustments, the vehicle can be ready to race. Take a look at the rules and see what you need to do to get your rig ready to race. The other three classes are what we call, purpose-built rigs – this is based on the Ultra4 build rules, the 4400 class, 4500 class and the 4600 classes who race for a variety of times.

What to Expect? Coming out to a Dirt Riot race for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, so we would like to share what you can expect. Friday night is what we call Tech and Registration where the drivers bring the cars to be inspected by the race officials and register to race.

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