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When is a host checked for flapping?


A host will be checked for flapping if its state has changed since the last time the flap detection was performed for that host or if its state has not changed but at least x amount of time has passed since the flap detection was performed. The x amount of time is equal to the average check interval of all services associated with the host.

What causing the Flapping between ports ?

Hi i have been recevied this message from two of my access ports. once i shut down one port (port 4) the flapping stop. Please help me determine what cause this problem and how i can solve it.

How to resolve fabric related connectivity issues? Link is flapping. A link flapping event is defined as a link that goes down and comes back up (usually immediately) with no user intervention. Usually, but not always, the link will go down again either immediately or shortly thereafter, and the process will repeat.

How to clear flapping? Flapping looks at the last 21 states of the host or service and determines the flapping state based on a certain threshold. So in order to reset the flapping history you would need to clear out the last 21 results, or however many would be needed to tip the average back below the set threshold.

How to enable & disable flap detection?

Flapping can be indicative of configuration problems (i.e. thresholds set too low), troublesome services, or real network problems. Whenever Nagios checks the status of a host or service, it will check to see if it has started or stopped flapping.

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