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When to do a scour evaluation for a new bridge?


Upon completion of a scour evaluation for a new bridge, the Scour Summary Sheet for Known Foundations (Form 2605) is to be completed and entered into the bridge inspection system, along with scour evaluation documentation.

What Is Bridge Scour?

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration has a list of principal documents related to bridge scour on its website, including “Evaluating Scour at Bridges, Fifth Edition,” which presents the state of knowledge and practice for the design, evaluation, and inspection of bridges for scour. The publication’s authors include Ayres Associates’ Pete Lagasse, PhD, PE

What is required of Bridge Owners February 4, 2016? 2 - Bridge is scour critical; field review indicates that extensive scour has occurred at bridge foundations. Immediate action is required to provide scour countermeasures. 1 - Bridge is scour critical; field review indicates that failure of piers/abutments is imminent. Bridge is closed to traffic. 0 - …

Risk-based methodology for scour analysis at bridge ? Three-step risk-based methodology for bridge foundations scour evaluation. problems due to collapse of the 19th century Hintze Ribeiro bridge in 2001 aggravated the associated factor for the new bridge. As stated in Section 3.2, the riverbed is made of granular material which have no influence on the priority factor.

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