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Where are the aliens filmed?


The film opens in a Northern California forest as a group of alien botanists collect flora samples. U.S. government agents appear and the aliens flee in their spaceship, leaving one of their own behind in their haste.

Where is Resident Alien Filmed?

The series is primarily filmed in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The fictional town of Patience was materialized in Ladysmith, originally Oyster Harbour, which is a town located towards the north on the east coast of Vancouver Island. A studio located on Derwent Way Delta was used prominently for the shoot.

This Is Where Cowboys & Aliens Was Really Filmed? According to, the interior scenes of "Cowboys & Aliens" were filmed on the Universal studio backlot in Los Angeles, but …

Where was 'Resident Alien' filmed? Where was Resident Alien filmed? The town of Patience in Colorado shown in the series is not a real location. This fictional town was not even the original location for this sci-fi comedy series as per a report published on the book, Hah Re is a resident of Patience in Washington.

What Order Should You See The Alien Movies In?

Ridley Scott's epic Alien franchise is multiplying almost as quickly as the Xenomorph in the movies. Almost 40 years after the original film, Alien, was released in theaters, Scott is gearing up

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