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Where did andrea amati make the first violin?


It was in the workshop of Andrea Amati (ca. 1505-1577) in Cremona, Italy, in the middle of the 16th century that the form of the instruments of the violin family as we know them today first crystallized.

Why did andrea amati invent the violin?

The first four string violin, also by Andrea Amati, was dated 1555. When did Andrea Amati make the violin? It is estimated that Amati made some 38 instruments between 1560 and 1574 for the Queen Regent of France Catherine de Medici on behalf of her young son, Charles IX of France; one of these was a gilded bass violin, elaborately painted with

History of the Violin: Its Birth and Evolution. Superprof? The musician regularly collaborated with Andrea Amati’s children Antonio and Girolamo as well as his grandson Nicolo. The first two were luthiers for Henry IV of France’s orchestra. The arrival of the sonata would make the violin an essential part of composition in …

When was the violin first invented? Where was the first violin invented? Italy. Who named the violin? Andrea Amati. What is an old violin called? The Arabian rabab and the rebec, which came from the orient in the middle ages and was played widely in Spain and France in the fifteenth century, are said to be the ancestors of the violin.

Why did Andrea Amati make the first violin?

Just like the Guitar, the Violin evolved from the Greek Kithara, which dates back as far as 7th century BC.

Who Invented the Violin? The Invention of the Violin. Who invented the violin? Renowned violinmaker Andrea Amati constructed the very first violin sometime in 1555. Before that, there was a violin-like instrument called violetta, which only had three strings instead of the usual four strings that are found in modern-day violins.

Scientists find secret behind sweet sound of Stradivarius ? “The early violin was not a solo instrument but an accompaniment to songs and dances,” he said. “It is conceivable that Andrea Amati may have wanted to build a string instrument that could

Is my label fake?

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Who made the first violin? Andrea Amati. The oldest documented violin to have four strings, like the modern violin, is supposed to have been constructed in 1555 by Andrea Amati. Earlier instruments only had three strings and were called violetta. The violin immediately became very popular, …

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