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Where do proteins live in the secretory pathway?


But as usual, etymology only tells a fraction of the story. This pathway also processes proteins that will be membrane-bound (whether in the cellular membrane or in the ER or Golgi membranes themselves), as well as lysosomal enzymes, and also any proteins that will live their lives in the secretory pathway itself.

What Is Moving in the Secretory Pathway of Plants?

The secretory pathway of eukaryotic cells is a fascinating system of membrane compartments in dynamic equilibrium from the constant budding and fusion of vesicles and other membrane-enclosed transport carriers. Compared to yeasts, the plant protein machinery controlling vesicle budding, tethering,

1-What Do ER Proteins Have In Their Primary Struct ? 1-What do ER proteins have in their primary structure to be localized in the ER instead of following the secretory pathway? 2- What would be the localization of the protein fused to GFP used in this assay if this part of the protein is deleted?

How Do Lipids and Cholesterol Regulate Trafficking Across ? 00:01:08.21 Newly synthesized proteins that enter 00:01:10.18 the secretory pathway 00:01:11.23 do so at the level of the 00:01:13.14 endoplasmic reticulum 00:01:14.16 where they get processed and folded 00:01:16.25 and then transported 00:01:18.10 to …

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