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Where is growing demand for nathans mouthwatering hot dogs?


To meet growing demand for Nathan’s mouthwatering hot dogs, we opened up our fourth restaurant right in Times Square, New York. Nathan’s holds the first-ever major and recorded hot dog eating contest on the Fourth of July in Coney Island. Jason Schechter (USA) wins it all by eating 14 hot dogs and buns.

How "Nathan’s Famous" Became America’s Top Dog?

For Nathan’s, they sponsored a hot dog eating contest also at Hess’s. The competition was wildly successful, and Nathan’s Famous had won a major PR victory. Acquisition Debacle. Nathan’s business was growing slowly and steadily. But, in 1975, the company made a strategic mistake.

How Quarantine Saved the Hot Dog? Nathan’s ultimately became the dominant brand on the boardwalk, and is known globally for its annual hot dog eating contest on July 4. Feltman’s went out of …

This is the best hot dog joint in your state? Gourmet hot dogs, craft beer and house-made brioche doughnuts are the order of the day at this hot dog restaurant in Phoenix. There’s a long list of hot dogs

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