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Where is the registered agent for a limited liability partnership?


A registered agent is designated by the limited liability partnership to receive any documents, notices, or demands served upon the entity, and the registered agent is located at the registered office address.

What Is the Function of an Agent in a Limited Partnership ?

To qualify as a registered agent, an entity generally must have a physical address in the state where the partnership is registered and be available during conventional work hours. A P.O. box or rented mailbox does not count as an address. A limited partnership cannot serve as its own agent, but a third-party business generally can.

Register Your LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)? Yes, a registered agent is required when you form your limited liability partnership agreement. The registered agent is responsible for receipt of important legal and tax documents, must have a physical address in the state of incorporation and be available during normal business hours.

What is a Registered Agent? Limited Liability Company (LLC) S Corporation. C Corporation. Limited Partnership (LP) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Nonprofit corporation, including a corporation using a 501 (c) (3) All of these business entities, regardless of the state they are registered in, must have a Registered Agent

What Is the Liability of a Resident Agent for an LLC ?

The LLC laws in each state require a limited liability company to either act as its own registered agent or appoint a third party located in the state to serve as its registered agent. What Do Resident Agents Do?

What to Know about a Limited Liability Partnership ? A limited liability partnership is a general partnership which has elected to be treated as a limited liability partnership ("LLP") under Delaware law. Unlike a limited partnership , an LLP is not set forth in a separate portion of the Delaware code; instead, the laws governing the features of an LLP are the same as those governing general

What is a Registered Agent? You need a registered agent in each state where you are registered to do business with the secretary of state or similar state official. As a rule, this means any state in which you’ve registered a: corporation; limited liability company (LLC) limited partnership, or; limited liability partnership (LLP).

Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform ?

The registered agent or addressee for service of process of a domestic registered limited liability partnership may change his or her own address on file with the New York Department of State by filing a Certificate of Change pursuant to Section 121-1500 (j-1) of the New York State Partnership Law.

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