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Where is the spire of notre dame de paris?


/  48.85306°N 2.35000°E  / 48.85306; 2.35000 The spire of Notre-Dame de Paris was located above the cross-section of the cathedral's transept. Notre-Dame de Paris has had two timber spires, known as flèches. The first was built between 1220 and 1230. It eventually became so damaged that is was removed in the late 18th century.

Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral Before the Fire: An ?

Notre Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris, France Credit: Julian Elliott Photography/Getty Images A religious statue is removed from the spire of Notre Dame cathedral by …

Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral Could Be Under Construction ? The cathedral, which was first built during the 13th century in the Gothic architectural style, was struck by disaster when a fire destroyed its spire and roof April 15, 2019, Reuters reported. After the disaster, French President Emmanuel Macron promised to rebuild Notre Dame within five years.. The French government announced a month after the fire that it would be accepting requests over

Paris' Notre Dame cathedral ravaged by fire? The world-famous Notre Dame de Paris cathedral has been gutted by a raging fire that destroyed priceless artwork and forced tourists to run for their lives -- but French officials say they believe

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