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Where to find the blue haired mermaid in stardew valley?


The Island has different weather from the main Stardew Valley area.) You will see a pattern of rocks on the ground and a blue-haired mermaid sitting on a rock in the sea. Place a Flute Block next to each pile of rock.

Where do I find these people?

the guy with the glasses runs the general store in town, its kind of hard to not find him. he is behind the counter from 8-5 every day except wednesday the blonde boy lives with his mother and little brother (jodi and jas) at the southwest corner of the main town screen, right next to the exit to the forrest.

Where To Find EVERY Stardrop!? Where to find EVERY Stardrop! This is something I have never legitimately accomplished in game.. Because as you will see it's very hard to actually collect

How to build friendship and get married in Stardew Valley? Friendship and marriage in Stardew Valley. Friendship in Stardew Valley is measured by heart. Normal villagers have a maximum of 10 hearts, when married will increase to 12. You can see the full list of hearts achieved in the menu as shown above. Ways to increase friendship. Chat with the villagers every day. Give gifts they like 2 times / week.

Where can I find Walleye in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Walleye Guide So, you caught a Walleye once, you ate it and then you never saw one again. The worst thing is, now you desperately need it to complete one of the Community Center bundles and it’s driving you crazy! In Stardew Valley

Where to find the Mayor's Shorts in Stardew Valley? Where to find the Mayor's Shorts in Stardew Valley on the PC. The Mayor Lewis has lost his purple "shorts" and needs you to return them, we will find the may

Does Stardew Valley have any villains? On the surface, the villain appears to be the manager of JojaMart, Morris. But while he's certainly not a very nice guy, I don’t think he’s villain. After all, he is the only villager who offers to help rebuild the town— even though he sells those

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