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Where was rutherford b hayes born and raised?


Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio, on October 4, 1822, to Rutherford Hayes, Jr. and Sophia Birchard. Hayes's father, a Vermont storekeeper, had taken the family to Ohio in 1817.


Rutherford B. Hayes for the Presidency . By DOROTHY L. MOORE . W. ILLIAM ALANSON HOWARD, who was considered to be the person most responsible for getting President Rutherford B. Hayes the Republican nomination in 1876, was born in Hinesburg, Vermont, on April 8, 1813. His father, Dan, had been raised in the area of Bridge·

Episode 5: Rutherford B. Hayes — The Past, the Promise ? Today’s episode is all about Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, a man whose name is synonymous with the end of Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow in the south. But perhaps his legacy isn’t quite that simple. Born in Ohio in 1822, he was trained as a lawyer, prior to e

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